Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle!

I can't say where I am right now, but let me assure you it is deep in the jungle in the Philippines. I have never seen anything like this place and I don't even know where I will start in describing it. Many pics soon to follow once I get back. I can assure you our security is fantastic(ie don't worry about me), but it is surreal to be wearing body armour and sitting in Humvees with 50cals to get to the places we are staying. We will be taking a zodiac boat to get into our next mission. The heat and mosquitoes are atrocious out here. Why would any insurgents want to live out here! I guess that's why they are here though. I will try to keep you posted over the next few days as we do 3 more medical missions. After that we are out of here and back to the ship. I'll have tons of pics to upload when I get back.

PS Jen, I couldn't email you because AOL was down, but I love you :)


jfk said...

Hey Ryan,
you're doing an amazing job.
I'm pretty sure these are stories you'll tell your grandchildren.

Jennifer said...

You still know how to make me smile from the other side of the world. I love you too. :)


Aaron said...

Dude, representing for Stonehenge N9...

Stonehenge, where the demons dwell;
Where the banshees live and they do live well;
Stonehenge, Where a man is a man and the children
Dance to the pipes of Pan;
Tis a magic place
Where the moon doth rise
With a dragon's face...

You are doing awesome stuff out there. Continue to make us proud my friend... Aaron