Thursday, June 21, 2007


We just finished our 4th and final mission here on this island today and it was a great success. We saw over 400 medical patients and performed about 20 surgeries. One guy had a cyst about the size of a baseball on his knee that I removed. He said it had been there for 15 years and he was thrilled to finally have it gone. We will be moving on to another island very soon to do another MEDCAP. We still haven't figured out exactly how we are going to fly there since the original aircraft that we were going to take was struck by lightning :) oops.

The Filipino food is still good, but rice and chicken at every meal does get old quickly. Taking my anti-malaria pills every day gets old too, but I really don't want malaria so it is a no-brainer. It has been much safer than I expected here. We do have body armour and helmets, but we don't wear it unless there is a security issue which there hasn't been yet. The Army is again doing a fantastic job protecting us. They didn't want us to have 9mm guns on us and I feel safe not having one.

Oh and did I mention how much I hate the camelback water filters. Mine broke and my 3L camelback spilled in my backpack getting my palm and book soaked. Thanks filter!

Be sure to check out my good bud, Huy Tran's blog at This guy is surviving out in the desert now and we all appreciate his service out there.


Evey516 said...

You sound preety busy there guy! Take care of yourself! We miss you! So proud of what you are doing! See you soon!

Lauren said...

G. Ryan! You are so awesome. I will be keeping close tabs on your exploits via the blog. Keep sweating and kicking the ass of every germ that comes your way.


Jacob said...


I have never seen you in army fatigues, at least not real ones. I also can't believe people trust you with knife. However, you do look pretty cool with the helmet. I will stay tuned, be safe.

PS my son Luke is doing awesome, he had his skin tags removed and he is a real trooper.

Lorna said...

Big Bro! I'm soo proud. Mom and I agree you look like a real Doctor! hhahah we miss you keep doing what you are doing."Keep on Believing"

luv, LLP