Saturday, June 2, 2007

Somewhere in the Pacific...

Well, I have been on board for a few days now and am just getting settled back into ship life. It is extremely hot on the ship, especially when the AC is broken. I hope they fix it now that it is in the 90s and very humid outside. The food has been good so far. There are at least 15 docs on board probably 15-20 nurses on board. Most of us are twiddling our thumbs, but it is promising to get extremely busy in a few weeks. The ship doesn't have my credentialing paperwork and they don't want me seeing patients until I get that here...Crazy! Oh well I guess i won't help out then :) We started flying today, but I am going to hold off on flying until we are actually going somewhere rather than just taking off/landing on the ship. Well we will be sailing for awhile. I will touch back soon!


Jennifer said...

Yea, I am the first to leave a comment! I miss you terribly! Duke and Sydney and Tiger do as well. Our little family can't wait to see you again soon! Have a fun time and remember this is why you were made to be a Doc.

Love you bunches,

Amanda said...

Hey Ryan - hope you're having fun "somewhere in the pacific," before things get too hectic. Travis and I went camping with friends this past weekend and used the new gear you got us. We were threatened by Park Police for being too loud. They said they were going to give us citations for being too loud after quiet hour began! What exactly does a citation from a park police officer do...anything? Something for you to ponder until you get your paperwork credentialed.