Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Medical missions

We started our MEDCAPS (medical missions) 3 days ago. We had 3 missions in a row and finally a little break before our next one. We have been seeing anywhere from 400-800 patients a day at different sites. It has been a great experience helping out. We have been providing basic medical care, performing minor surgeries, and dental care. The patients have been very appreciative even if all we are giving them is Tylenol. They seem extremely appreciative of us taking off small cysts and lesions on their bodies. We basically work from about 8am until 4pm with a small break and see as many patients as possible. Some of the diseases we are seeing you only see in a textbook. The little girl in the picture above burned her leg on a motorcycle exhaust pipe and she walked to the school be herself to get care. We had to clean up her wound and wrap it up. She smiled the entire procedure even though I knew she was in pain. We have 5 more missions to do and we will be going to other islands. More to come!

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Jennifer said...

Yea Baby! You truely are my hero! I am so proud of you!

Love you,