Thursday, June 7, 2007

Here is a shot of us flying next to the ship yesterday. It was a pretty fun flight. We towed a cable out the back into the water and dragged it for practice in locating mines. As you can see there isn't much else out here besides water and us. No bird strikes out here. I'll be going on another flight in a few days and this time I will get to fire the 50cal out the back. One of the aircrewman is giving me 200 of his rounds to fire as long as I take a skin tag off of him. :) We should hopefully be pulling in somewhere soon. We will be picking up even more medical personnel which is crazy since we already have plenty. I wish I had brought a bathrobe for the showers since it sucks to wear my dirty clothes in there and back out. I will pick one up soon. They sell a fancy USS Peleliu one in the ship store. So far I've been surprisingly busy here given the fact that I haven't seen too many patients. We have meetings, I have to tend to the pilots, I fly, and I help medical sort out tablets. Plus I have been going to the gym which leaves very little time to actually read, in particular when there are poker games to be played and video games :) Well I will send pics soon from our upcoming travels...stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

1 bathrobe... check


htt said...

hey dude,

can you receive stuff? what's your address?

Amanda said...

That's funny about the bathrobe and the skin tag. Keep up the good work!


Juri said...

By US, you mean the pilots drug something behind the helicopter while you watched right?