Friday, June 15, 2007

Playing Army in the Philippines

Well, I have successfully been dropped off in the Philippines with the Army. So far it is going fantastically better than expected. We had been told we would be sleeping in tents, with mosquito nets, permethrin treated uniforms, taking malaria pills, and having insurgents around us. This was my expectation going into this, so when we landed at an airport and then were showed to our air conditioned barracks, I was surprised. The Filipino food is awesome and the locals are very friendly. The barracks are on an army base and we are sharing it with the Philippine army. We will be here the next 8-9 days and we will be performing 4 medical missions. The missions will last from 0600-1600 and will be crazy non-stop. The goal will be to see 500-1000 patients a day with 4 docs, 2 nurses, and some corpsman. We will be doing basic sick call and doing minor procedures which I am looking forward to doing. I didn't bring my thumb drive or camera due to 'going to the jungle' , but now I wish I did. The other doc I'm with did so I'll be sure to send lots of pics once we get back. After we are here for 8 days, then we move on to the jungle environments. We will be going to 2 other islands for a total of 18 days out here. I will try to post one more time before we move on. I never thought I would say this, but the Army rocks!


Mike said...

treating and bili babies?

Juri said...

Dude, here are a couple sites to keep you entertained: