Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aloha Hawaii!

After spending a few days in San Diego at Mike and Erin's wedding, I flew out to Hawaii to meet the ship. I spent over 6 hours at the airport waiting for a mechanical issue to be painful. I arrived in Hawaii to find out that we would have three liberty days here. What a hard way to start out! Too bad we couldn't have this Hawaii port visit halfway through our cruise, but beggars can't be choosers. We should be leaving very soon and hopefully I will still be able to update my site while underway. Check back soon!

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Dave McFarland said...

Hey Ryan,

Amazing stuff you have experienced -- what an unbelievable way to learn medicine! I'll definitely keep reading your blog and follow along with your adventures. I just finished my intern year here in St. louis, and from not on it's all anesthesia!! You know I'm going to try and recruit you to the 'dark side' the next time we talk. Be safe and God bless! Thanks for your service.