Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Southern Philippines and Tawi Tawi

Alright, as promised here are a few pics of my journeys to the first several medcaps. I am still working on gathering up pics from Jolo. The first pic is of me in Taui-Taui, as we landed off from a 60 helo. The next pic is of our living arrangments there. Yes those tents were blasted hot! Our camp was on a tennis court and the locals would just look in through the fence all day long. I felt like I was a zoo animal on display :)
The 3rd pic is myself and Beth removing a lipoma from a guy's back that was the size of a fist. it was very deep to, and I know because I saw lung :) All the kids made smiles with their fingers so that is what I was doing in that pic.
The next pic myself and HM2 Jackson removed a sebaceous cyst the size of an orange from this guy's leg. It had been there 15 years and he was so happy to have it gone.
The bus in the next pic was public transportation and they would pack as many people as possible into these crazy looking bikes and buses
Yummy MREs(Meals Ready to Eat) . I had my share of these over the weeks. The next 2 pics were of us and all the happy kids at Taui taui. i couldn't believe how happy they were given their living conditions.
The next pic is of the thick jungle we flew over. so many peopl live on the water with their houses on stilts. Some people do it to avoid bugs, but most can't afford to buy land or they are forced to live in the water due to them being water gypsies. they will just throw down 4 poles and put up a house. these houses soon turn into small villages..crazy
Well I hope you enjoyed my pics. More to come. Right now I am back on the ship, safe and sound.

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Jennifer said...

So what exactly was IN that MRE?! I bet you could really go for some chicken enchiladas at that moment! Miss you tons, love you more.