Tuesday, July 3, 2007

50 cal action!

Here is a video of me firing a 50cal out the side window on our 53 helicopter. We threw out barrels with sea dye so that we had a target. Not only did I hit the target while we flew by it, but apparently I destroyed it. Killa Doc is my new name, but don't worry I still enjoy healing more than shooting :)



kenjab said...

Way to go Ryan,

Of course you destroyed it...you didn't spend all those years playing video games for nothing (remember Ikari Warriors?).

But hopefully you'll never have to do that for real.

march said...

Good stuff sir,

I saw the pictures... makes me wish i was there with you and back in the field...

I kinda wish i didn't go to my friends wedding- hehe

I saw you killing some MRE's

take care & be safe...
-HM1 Villareal

Peter said...

Sup Brotha Pomicter!
Crazy surgery pictures, reminds me more of Gross Anatomy class than the OR but who cares, looks like you were having fun. Continue to keep us posted. watch those ASIANS, you know how crazy they are... having lived with one ^_^