Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sleeping Lady from Kosrae

Well we traveled to the small island of Kosrae in the Federated States of Micronesia. It is a small island with about 6-7 thousand people on the island. They are very simple people and are extremely friendly.

We arrived on a C40 which was really comfortable with extended legroom. It was basically a 737 with the military running it.

We did 4 medcap missions here and at every medcap they brought us local fruits and baskets. Here is a picture of one of the kids that I saw that had Impetigo, a skin infection on the face.

Here is a picture of how we were welcomed to Kosrae. They made flower hats for each of us

The mountains behind me are called the Sleeping Lady Mountains. I guess it looks like a woman laying down. It looks like it could be Madonna :)

Overall we had a good time here, but I was having cabin fever on the island since there isn't much to do. I went snorkeling once which was fun. The hotel that we stayed at had good food and beer which was welcomed after a medcap. We traveled to the Marshall Islands a few days ago and things are sweet here. We are actually staying on an Army base here that is top secret. More to come soon about the Marshall Island medcaps!


Peter said...

How are you bud? I miss you over here. The stories you captured are incredible. Can't believe you saw 600+ patients and got stuck in the river. From the photos, sounds like you are having fun and help thousands of folks who are suffering, you really do have the largest of all hearts!
Let me know when you are headed back home. Love to catch up. I am now in Boston, interesting stpries to tell you.

Brad said...

Ryan, amazing stories! I hope you guys are safe and i look forward to hearing more stories. 2 things, Happy belated birthday! And Allison and I are engaged as of a week ago. Now it can be your turn to buy a late late late late wedding gift. HA! Keep up the good work!!
PS: football's starting, do they get wolfpack games out there :)