Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Singapore Sling!

Well hello everyone! The last 3 days I have had the distinct pleasure of being in Singapore. Singapore is one of the nicest and cleanest places I have ever been. It felt like a very US like city except most of the people there are Asian or Indian. It was founded by the British a long time ago and still has a lot of similarities. One, everyone speaks English, which was a nice change of pace. Their subway system was amazing. 90 cents to pretty much go anywhere. One had to “mind the gap” too as you boarded.

Here are some pics of downtown Singapore. Also are some pics of me and a few friends. They had Hoegarden on tap which was excellent. The food was also incredible. I had sushi, Thai food, and Indian food there. Beats any Asian or Indian food that I have had in the US. They only problem with Singapore is the price of beer. One beer cost about 10 US dollars…crazy! I did buy a Singapore Sling at the world famous Raffles Hotel. It was 26 Singaporean dollars which was about $17. I have never spent that much on a drink before!

We had a blast in Singapore and yes I did a lot of shopping. Jen, don’t check the credit card statement, it will be all worth it when you get the package.

Now I am back on the dreaded ship. We are steaming away to our next destination. We should be there in a few days. I’ll update everyone when we get there. I will be going on 1-2 more Medcaps there and working a lot in the operating room. I’m really looking forward to the OR time. I did find out that I will be going out on another excursion to Micronesia for a week coming up soon. It won’t be as rough as the Philippines, but it will be a week out on land doing medical missions. Should be fun. Well I love you guys and thanks for stopping in again. I’ll update you more when we get to the next place.


Juri said...

All the people in Singapore are Asian?!?!?! Get the fuck outta here!!!! Who knew?!?!?

Ryan Pomicter said...
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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Baby!

Where ever you are, you are 12 hours ahead. So that means it is your birthday!

I hope you have a great day, and know I am thinking of you all the time.

Love you,

Lorna said...

Happy Bday Bro!
And yes I'm glad you had Hoegarden it's delicous...

luv, Lorna

Juri said...

Happy Birthday Biatch!!

p.s. Cubs in 1st, what now!